The Diana Cryptosystem - Escape Room Cipher Wheel

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An authentic reproduction of the cipher used by US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) during the Vietnam War and though out the cold war period.  Designed in conjunction with a Special Forces soldier that actually used the system in the field and who wrote the instruction sheets and a historical record of its use. 

At the height of the systems use in South East Asia there were hundreds of singleton Special Forces operators, A-Teams, B-Teams, and communications trans-stations across Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia all using the DIANA system.  In practice, encrypted messages were sent on high frequency radio channels using morse code which provided an additional level of security.

According to research and firsthand accounts from Special Forces operators this is the last physical cipher wheel used by the U.S. military and has not had much public discussion or exposure until this time.

This cipher is considered unbreakable when used with a One-Time Pad (OTP) per the techniques described.  To demonstrate this, we are offering a prize of $500 and an authentic Green Beret to the first person who can decrypt a message that will be provided with your instruction sheet.  The message was written by an active Special Forces Operative. To be honest, this is a prize we do not think will ever be claimed, even using computer technology to try and decipher it.  The system is that secure.

Despite its level of extreme security, the cipher is very easy and fast to use. 

To aid you in quickly using it to encode or decode a message, we have including a worksheet that even a novice can use to create secret messages.  I will email you an electronic version of it so you can keep it on file and reprint as needed.

This standard model is 5.5 inches in diameter. A smaller pocket size of 4 inches dimeter is available on a separate listing.  Both sizes are shown in the photo. Disks are made from wood and all text is deeply laser engraved.  The back of the disk contains the emblem of the US Army Special Forces.   Made in our Hudson Florida Shop.

Please watch the video to see more details on the unit as well as how to use it.

My special thanks to the Special Forces soldier (who wishes to remain anonymous) who guided me in the creation of the cipher.   His wish was that it did not get lost to history.