Spin Maze - Escape Room Puzzle & Escape Room Maze

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You have to Spin to Win with our new Spin Maze Escape Room Puzzle. This is a wall mountable puzzle which players of your Escape Room will need to rotate in order to get out the three (this can be a a different amount) wood/acrylic disks. On the bottom of each disk I can engrave a number/letter/symbol/short word. Each disk will have a different image of a puzzle piece on it. The number of nodes attached to the puzzle piece will clue players in on how to sequence them.

Resetting the puzzle is really easy and fast. Simply use the provided magnet to remove each of the grey felt circles and drop the disks in.

Important: This puzzle will come with THREE disks with the code 212 by default. If you would like a different code please enter it in the "Special instructions for Seller" box on the checkout page. If you would like more or less than three disks or custom symbols please Contact Me.

The Puzzle measures 13" in diameter and about 1" thick

For additional information on customizing your Escape Room and this item please visit our Custom Work Page.

You can also Contact us with your questions, we love questions!