Sign Language Cipher Wheel - ASL Decoder Disk Escape Room Prop

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Create encoded messages using ASL hand shapes for your escape room or as a way to help teach sign language.

Features and Benefits of the Sign Language Cipher Wheel:

  • - ESCAPE ROOM PROP - This item can be used for fun at any party or event! It's also an excellent game piece for your next escape room adventure!

  • - DETECTIVE AND SPY KITS - This cipher disk is a great addition to any detective or spy kit, whether it be for fun or for educational purposes. It can also be used as a conversation starter when meeting new people!

  • - ENCRYPT AND DECRYPT MESSAGES USING ASL - The Sign Language Cipher Wheel is perfect for anyone who wants to encrypt and decrypt messages using American sign language. Whether you're a detective or spy, or just looking for a fun escape room prop, this disk is sure to come in handy!

  • - SIZE - he disk is 4.4" in diameter and about .75" in height. The text and hand shapes are laser engraved so you never have to worry about it fading or washing away. The wheels are 1/4" thick baltic birch with the top piece cut from 1/8" alder mdf.

  • - MADE IN THE USA - Every Sign Language Cipher Wheel is handmade in our Spring Hill FL shop