Scramble Spin - Hidden Message Escape Room Puzzle and Prop

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A fun and unusual way to relay a secret/hidden message to players in your Escape Room. The Scramble Spin Escape Room Puzzle/Prop utilizes rings which independently rotate around the center. A message is "scrambled" on the rings forcing Escape Room players to spin them in order to discover the message.

The Scramble Spin Escape Room Puzzle measures 9" in diameter. Constructed out of Alder and Maple MDF it will prove durable. The top cross bar is cut from acrylic and held in place by 4 screws.

IMPORTANT: Please leave your message in the "Special Instructions for Seller" Box on the checkout page. As a frame of reference the message used in the product images consists of 162 characters (including spaces) size 48 font. Keep this in mind when creating your message.

I can make this puzzle smaller or up to 16" in diameter which you see here

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