Mini Rotary Phone Grille Cipher Escape Room Props

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Meet the Rotary Cipher an old school twist to an old school cipher. Add a bit flavor to your escape room with this unique puzzle. 

This escape room prop was inspired by Rovena Benjamin of Every Second Counts Escape Rooms who wanted a grille cipher, but not in the traditional grid layout.

Grille ciphers work by placing a stencil (the piece with the holes cut out) over an sequence of letters, numbers, symbols, etc... in order to reveal a hidden code or message. In this version the stencil is placed over the numbers to reveal a code and mimic the appearance of a traditional rotary phone.

On the stencil itself you will see letters of the alphabet. These are important as they clue the players in to the sequence in which the numbers should be interpreted. A = first number B = second number, and so forth.




By default the puzzle will come with a code of 2975. IF you want a different code please make the appropriate selection from the drop down menu and enter the code in the "Special instructions for seller" box at check out. INTERNATIONAL ORDERS - Please Email me your customization requests

I can also engrave text on the puzzle for an additional cost. Please Email me if you would like to further tailor the prop to your escape room experience.

The code can be customize to any 3 or 4 digits. A single digit can be used twice. In order for this to be accomplished the corresponding letters on the stencil could be AD.

For example the code 4294 would be represented by a stencil with 3 holes.

4 =AD
2 = B
9 = C

This escape room prop can also be made from acrylic. Check out the Red and Black versions (many more colors are available)

The dimensions are ~6.4"w x 5"h and ~.5" thick.
The stencil measures ~ 2.6" in diameter.

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