Massive Gold And Glitter Fireball Liquid Core 95MM Chonk Handmade Resin Dice And Box

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Prepare to be enchanted by our captivating Gold Fireball Liquid Core Resin Dice, accompanied by an opulent and finely crafted box. These jumbo-sized dice are not just gaming tools; they are vessels of elemental power and wonder. The swirling liquid core within each die, ablaze with fiery gold, promises an enthralling and fantastical adventure with every roll.

Key Features:

Jumbo-Sized Inferno: Crafted in an impressive 95mm size, these dice become the centerpiece of your gaming table, evoking the heart of a blazing furnace.

Fiery Gold Core: Each die features a tempestuous liquid core infused with the molten glow of gold, like a captured fireball from the heart of a dragon.

Luxurious Storage Box: Your Gold Fireball Liquid Core Resin Dice Set rests within an opulent box adorned with intricate patterns that hint at ancient elemental secrets and epic quests.

In the mystical realm of Pyrosphere, where fire ruled supreme and volcanoes were gateways to the elemental planes, a secretive order known as the Emberforgers thrived. Under their guidance, the Gold Fireball Liquid Core Resin Dice were created, each one capturing the essence of the realm's fiery heart. When rolled, these dice were believed to channel the power of fire, allowing players to summon infernos, wield flames, and hear the echoes of ancient fireball incantations.

Harness the Power of Infernos:
With the Gold Fireball Liquid Core Resin Dice Set, your tabletop adventures will immerse you in the fury and majesty of elemental fire. Channel the might of flames as you roll these magnificent dice and craft your own tales of fiery enchantment and epic pyromantic exploits.

Note: Due to the unique nature of liquid core resin, each dice set will possess its own individual patterns and colors, making yours truly one-of-a-kind. The dice will each also have an air bubble to accommodate temperature expansion.