Hand Carved Gemstone Blue Lace Agate Eye Stone (And Box) Polyhedral Dice DnD Dice Set

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Venture into a journey of serenity and wisdom with our Hand Carved Gemstone Blue Lace Agate Eye Stone Polyhedral Dice Set. Crafted from exquisite Blue Lace Agate, these dice showcase delicate blue hues with intricate patterns resembling the wisdom-filled eye of ancient seers. The set includes seven polyhedral dice, each meticulously carved to capture the essence of foresight and the calming energy of the mystical eye. Elevate your gaming experience with these extraordinary dice that resonate with the soothing power of Blue Lace Agate.

In the tranquil valley of Celestial Vista, where the whispers of ancient prophecies lingered on the breeze and the soft glow of mystical energies bathed the land, there lived a venerable seer named Elara Moonshadow. Blessed with the gift of foresight, Elara sought to channel the essence of prophetic visions into a set of dice that would echo The Seer's Reflection. Guided by the ethereal whispers of Celestial Vista, Elara hand-carved the Gemstone Blue Lace Agate Eye Stone Polyhedral Dice. Each die, adorned with intricate carvings resembling the all-seeing eye, held the essence of The Seer's Reflection and the secrets that lingered within the prophetic valley.

Each set of gemstone dice is unique in color, pattern, translucency, and may differ from the product picture.

Each full set purchase includes a awesome pleather box, and single D20 dice come in a black felt pouch.

Dice made from gemstone can be fragile, so we recommend that you avoid rolling them on hard surfaces.