Connecting Magnet Maze Kit Escape Room Prop

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Create Your Own Path and Make it as Large as you want with the Connector Magnet Maze Kit Escape Room Prop

This is might be my favorite maze design to date. You can combine an unlimited number of prop kits in any sequence you want allowing for a ton of creativity in how you want it set up.

This kit consists of 1 Magnet Maze XL, 1 Magnet Maze Jr, & 2 Bridges.

With this kit you can use the two mazes separately or combine them to make a larger maze. You can get create and combine as many kits as you want!

The object of the maze is to move the key piece through the puzzle (the circle disk with black felt).

On the bottom of this piece is an engraved code, message, symbol(s), etc... which corresponds to another part of your escape room.

It could be the code to a lock, a cipher key, instructions to another puzzle, let your imagination run wild!


Dimensions for the Magnet Maze XL: 30" x 14" x ~1"
Dimensions for the Magnet Maze Jr: 12" x 12" x ~1"