Christmas Themed Directional Lock Escape Room Puzzle

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The Christmas themed Directional Lock Escape Room Puzzle is perfect for your Holiday themed room escape game.

As the name suggests the puzzle is meant to be used in conjunction with a directional lock.

In order to solve the puzzle the players must fit the 8 pieces into the base and reveal the directional lock code. You can hide the pieces in other parts of the room, in a puzzle box, or leave them by the base depending on how you want to set it up.

The puzzle's base has screw holes in each of the four corners so you can mount it to a wall or table. Knowing how players can be sometimes doing so is not a bad idea.

Dimensions for the frame are 17.75" x 5" and is constructed from rugged floorboard material. The 8 puzzle pieces are cut from 1/4" thick Alder wood and backed with and additional 1/8" back.

If you want to customize the code please select "Yes" and enter the code in the "special instructions for seller box" at checkout or Email it to me.