Advanced Braille Alphabet Number and Punctuation Learning Board

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Our Advanced Braille Learning Board featuring tactile (raised) dots is the perfect braille teaching aid for all ages.

  • This braille board has been laser engraved to make it easy for you to use in the classroom or at home. It is made from Baltic Birch Wood and is 8.4" x 6.48 x .25".
  • Included on the braille board: The Alphabet: A-Z Numbers: 0-9 Punctuation: !, ?, #, @, :, Semi-Colon, Comma, Decimal Point, Period Hyphen Period
  • Features RAISED DOTS - The Premium Braille Alphabet, Punctuation, and Number
  • Educational Board for Sighted Individuals is a teaching aid that allows individuals to learn and teach braille.
  • Perfect for Montessori level curriculums in both traditional schooling and home school classrooms
  • Every Tactile Braille Alphabet, Punctuation, and Number Board is made in our Spring Hill FL shop