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Illuminate your tabletop adventures with our Celestial Radiance Handmade Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set—a dazzling collection that captures the brilliance of a cosmic starburst. Meticulously handcrafted from high-quality resin, each die features a captivating blend of vibrant colors reminiscent of the celestial dance of stars. The sharp, well-defined edges ensure both style and precision in your tabletop journeys. Safeguarded in a custom storage box, this set is not just a tool—it's a beacon of cosmic brilliance.

In the astral tapestry of Starhaven, where constellations weave tales of cosmic wonders and the air is charged with the energies of celestial brilliance, a tale unfolds—the legend of Astral Embrace. Within the Luminous Citadel, master artisans known as the Starforged Crafters crafted a set of dice that mirrored the resplendent burst of astral radiance.

Each full set purchase includes an awesome pleather box, and single D20 dice come in a black felt pouch.

Each set of resin dice is unique in color, pattern, and translucency, and may differ from the product picture.

Dice made from resin can be fragile, so we recommend you avoid rolling them on hard surfaces.