SilverHawks Ultimates Quicksilver 7-Inch Action Figure

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  • Add the SilverHawks leader to your team!
  • This Ultimates Quicksilver action figure stands 7-inches tall!
  • Inspired by the SilverHawks animated TV series.
  • Captain Jonathan Quick features his wings, two alternate heads, and eight extra sets of hands.
  • Includes four laser effect pieces and two versions of Tally-Hawk!
The SilverHawks are back! With lightning-fast reflexes and equally quick thinking, Quicksilver leads the SilverHawks against the criminal menace of Mon*Star's Mob! Here, this cartoon-accurate SilverHawks Ultimates Quicksilver 7-Inch Action Figure comes with interchangeable heads and hands and a host of accessories (see below), including two versions of Tally-Hawk! Add Captain Jonathan Quick to your growing SilverHawks collection while you have this chance!

Quicksilver's accessories include:
- 2x Interchangeable heads
- 8x Interchangeable hands
- 2x Winged arms
- 4x Laser effects pieces
- 1x Tally-Hawk wrist remote control
- 1x Tally-Hawk (perched)
- 1x Tally-Hawk (flying)