Pokemon Clip 'N' Go Figure Packs - Choose your favorite

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Choose from:

  • Teddiursa and a Poké Ball
  • Toxel and a Great Ball
  • Pikachu and a Premier Ball
  • Pikachu & Repeat Ball
  • Rowlet & Nest Ball
  • Scorbunney & Quick Ball
  • Squirtle & Poke Ball
  • Bulbasaur & Poke Ball
  • Trubbis & Heavy Ball
  • Charmander & Poke Ball
  • Magby & Premier Ball
  • Dedenne & Love Ball


Bring your Pokémon battles to life anywhere you go!

Each Clip ‘N’ Go Poké Ball set includes one Poké Ball and one 2 inch Pokémon figure. Once you attach your Poké Ball to any belt or Clip ‘N’ Go Poké Belt (sold separately), you’ll be ready for your next awesome training adventure at home or on the go!

Simply open the latch to reveal the figure inside. Fits any 2 inch Battle Figure (sold separately)!

Add every Clip ‘N’ Go set to your Pokémon team! Gotta Catch ‘Em All!™

  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up.
  • Belt and other 2 inch Figures sold separately.
  • Officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise by Wicked Cool Toys!