MegaHouse - Sayla Mass [Mobile Suit Gundam], Megahouse RAHDX G.A.NEO Action Figure

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  • Official Product
  • Cute and Collectible
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  • Originally available only in Japan, it has been imported into the US for all  fans. For ages 15+.
  • - You can do it.

    - From the Excellent Model Series [heroine of the Mobile Suit Gundam] [Seira Masu] is a long-awaited resale!
    - Reproduced high quality as a 1/8 scale painted finished product figure of Seira with a dignified expression on the Uniform of the Earth Federation Army.
    - You can replace the right arm with `your arm with a gun` and` the saluted arms` according to your preference.
    - It is a commodity of Gundam fan drooling which you want to display with a set with [GGG Mobile Suit Gundam Chara · Aznable Art Graphics] (sold separately) to be resold at the same time.

    - Prototype: Rabbit (Revolve)
    - Coloring: Tc