Medicom Evengelion EVA-01 SHOGO-KI 2021 MAFEX Action Figure

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From Medicom Toy. From MAFEX's incredible line of action figures comes 2021 versions of Evangelion Unit 01 and Evangelion Unit 13 from the latest Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time film! Not only do these figures boast maximum poseability, Unit 01 also that allows you to display it with either a closed or open head part while Unit 13 can be displayed with two additional arm types: articulated and static. The Unit 01's progressive knife, palette rifle, and gatling gun are all included, and the entry plug on the back can be shown with or without the actual plug inserted and the left-side open armory can be recreated when the progressive knife is removed. For Unit 13, a defense unit is included, along with a dedicated stand that can support both the figure and the newly-imagined Spear of Longinus!

Ages 15+