Jurassic World Dominion Roar Strikers Rajasaurus

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Get ready for thrills and adventure with this dinosaur inspired by Jurassic World: Dominion. This Roar Strikers medium sized dinosaur is a carnivorous Rajasaurus.

It not only has sound to bring ROARING dinosaur play to life, but also a species-specific CHOMP action, amplified by a neck stretching motion. The attack and roar are easily activated by kids –just press down on the hip area! The 13 in long Rajasaurus has movable joints, authentic sculpting and realistic colors and textures for fun action play and dynamic posing. Bring this Roar Strikers dinosaur TO LIFE with extended digital play using Augmented Reality! Dare to see how REAL dinosaur play can get! Just scan the hidden DNA code with any smart device to unlock the AR experiences in the free Jurassic World Facts app. Smart device not included.

Perfect for fans of dinosaurs and action play, ages 4 years and up.