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Ignite your tabletop adventures with the Emberheart Bloodstone Gemstone Dice Set—a captivating collection crafted from the mysterious depths of African Bloodstone. Each polyhedral die is meticulously hand-carved to unveil the primal essence within the stone, embodying the intense hues and rich history of the African Bloodstone. The set includes seven exquisitely crafted dice, presented in a custom storage box for a truly enchanting addition to your gaming experience.

In the ancient realm of Zamoranth, where the fires of creation dance with the heartbeat of the earth, a tale unfolds—the legend of Fires of Zamoranth. Within the Obsidian Sanctum, master artisans known as the Emberforgers crafted a set of dice that mirrored the primal essence of the earth and the fiery heartbeats of the ancient flames.

Each full set of dice, includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20, and a pleather box. Each single D20 dice comes with a D20 and a felt pouch.

Each set of gemstone/resin dice is unique in color, pattern, and translucency, and may differ from the product picture.

Dice made from gemstone can be fragile, so we recommend you avoid rolling them on hard surfaces.