Dragon Flight Hollow Metal Dice Set Gold Tabletop Gaming

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Embark on an epic adventure with our Dragon Flight Hollow Metal Dice Set in Gold. Crafted from solid metal, this set of seven polyhedral dice captures the essence of majestic dragons taking flight. The intricate hollow patterns, bathed in a radiant gold hue, make each die a work of art. Precision-crafted for balanced rolls, this set is designed to elevate your tabletop experience. Presented in a custom storage box, these dice are not just tools—they are artifacts of mythical beauty.

In the ancient realm of Draconia, where the sun bathes the land in a golden glow and the echoes of dragon wings resonate through the valleys, a legendary tale is told—the saga of the Wings of the Gilded Wyrm.

Forged by the skilled artisans of the Dragon's Roost, the Dragon Flight Hollow Metal Dice Set in Gold is believed to embody the essence of the noble gilded wyrms that soar through the azure skies. Each die, intricately shaped with hollow patterns, reflects the grandeur of these mythical creatures.

Each hollow metal dice full set purchase includes a awesome metal box.