Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm Tempest Cloud 3-Pack

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It's a set of awesome tops in a box! Includes Beyblade Burst Surge Speedstorm left-spin Abyss Devolos D6, right-spin Demise Satomb S6, and left-spin Mirage Helios H6 in a handy brown box you can keep and reuse for storage. Speedstorm launches you into a highspeed head-to-head! Bladers can master the energy of the Power Vortex and unleash the ultimate full-throttle attack! Tempest Cloud 3-Pack includes 3 competitive battling tops: Abyss Devolos D6 D54 TSP01 balance top, Demise Satomb S6 D15 TSP05-M attack top (features metal on the Performance Tip,) and Mirage Helios H6 D81 TSP08 stamina top (features rubber power absorption.) Each top has a Storm Chip component.

Ages 8 and up.